Emilia Romagna

Bellei Servizi Immobiliari


Clinica Gastronomica Arnaldo

Gourmands are in no doubt: the Clinica Gastronomica Arnaldo is the indisputable temple of Emilia Romagna cooking, and this is an opinion that finds confirmation in the Michelin star, the most enduring on the Italian rest [...]

Enrico Vernizzi & C

Belts with a difference For over 50 years Vernizzi has been expressing the highest values of Italian elegance in the noble city of Parma with its prestigious handcrafted production of men's and women’s belts [...]

Imedhia Gestioni & Villa Oppi

Villa Oppi in Piacenza – launch pad for the project created by Tonino Lamborghini: exclusive and excellent Italian wines for the world market “We can’t give you Italy but we’ll give you the feeling”. [...]


Successful Italian fashion Dating back to 1994, Kaos who has been active in fashion since the late 80s, created his own brand collections which he sells in Italy and around the world resulting in a growing market succ [...]

Leo Visconti

Leo Visconti creates exclusive material for luxury interior design: Venetian Crystal Gems. Each gem is handmade by the master glass-maker in pure Venetian crystal and Murano’s glass following the ancient Venetian trad [...]

Pin Up

1995 saw the launch of Pin-Up Stars, a genuine revolution in the beachwear sector. The brand, with its roots firmly set in the know-how of the Made in Italy artisan tradition, immediately established its identity through [...]

Ristorazione Bolognese boccone del prete

In a beautiful location, just 10 minutes from the historic center of Bologna, it is an ideal destination for lovers of fine Italian cuisine. Apearl among Bologna hills, Il Boccone del Prete is a cozy place with amazing [...]