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Atelier Classe

Bespoke tailor shop specialized in leather outfits, able to manufacture custom creations and deliver them all over the world. A temple of bespoke tailoring, Atelier Classe offers a range of models personally designed an [...]

Atelier Mancon

The luxury and the pleasure of unique custom made fabrics and garments signed
by tailoring Tessorìa Mancon, atelier of knitted high fashion since 1984 If you love the uniqueness and sophisticated pleasure of wear [...]

Bernasconi Milano 1872

Synonymous with craftsmanship of excellence, Bernasconi offers wonderful silverware in the elegant boutique located in the center of Milan in that famous "Fashion Quadrangle" stretching between Via della Spiga and Via [...]

De Nicola Furs

The accurate selection for the materials and for the details make De Nicola a leader company in his sector. Our passion for the research and for the innovation make exclusive our single creation. In our several shop in [...]

Enrico Vernizzi & C

Belts with a difference For over 50 years Vernizzi has been expressing the highest values of Italian elegance in the noble city of Parma with its prestigious handcrafted production of men's and women’s belts [...]

F LLI GRAZIANI Creazioni in argento

Silversmiths with a long tradition With roots dating back to 1968 but now enjoying a second youth, this company is known throughout the world for its highly sought-after creations. The new generation of Fratelli Grazi [...]

Ferrante 1875

Handmade and tailored footwear Ferrante 1875 has been making handmade and tailored men footwear for five generations. Ferrante footwear are an expression of elegance, quality, style and originality. The customer is c [...]

Fratelli Petochi 1884

Now in the hands of the fifth generation, Gioielleria Petochi belongs to a long-established family of Roman jewelers, an esteemed point of reference for those who consider goldworking and jewelry making sublime arts. For [...]

Gioielleria Galimberti


Gioielleria Tomasini Francia


HUMILIS – Made in Assisi

Unique - Handmade - Inspired by Saint Francis The TAU is the sign with which St. Francis of Assisi loved signing his letters and blessings. Indeed, the TAU, the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, is indicated i [...]


Successful Italian fashion Dating back to 1994, Kaos who has been active in fashion since the late 80s, created his own brand collections which he sells in Italy and around the world resulting in a growing market succ [...]

L'Ago di Como

The art of tailoring The result of a project that for decades has been a benchmark for textiles and clothing sector, l’Ago di Como has diversified its activities over time up to affirm itself as a well-established [...]

Laboratorio Sartoria Vittorio Coccurello

Men’s Tailored Suits: How to distinguish personalities through matchless elegance and beauty Already famous in Rome during the “Dolce Vita” years, Vittorio Coccurello is one of the very last masters of bespok [...]

Marco Bicego



Tailor shop Marinella A century-long history of elegance, from a small workshop to international success Simbol of Italian style, the Marinella brand expresses that particular concept of elegance that its founder [...]

Mon Art Internazionale

News having ancient roots The handmade accessories by Mon Art Internazionale are trendy, inimitable protagonists of the Italian good taste Some Italian companies contribute more than others to the success of M [...]

Sandali Siniscalchi

Fascinating handmade sandals The Little Shop opened in 1960 by Salvatore Siniscalchi in the historic center of Sorrento is today a must appointment for those who love the brand sandal. At its third generation it contin [...]

Sartoria Dalcuore

Tailoring art with a long tradition and the contemporary research: these are the factors of success of Luigi Dalcuore Schooled in the framework of Neapolitan haute couture, after various experiences in several Europea [...]

Sartoria Marinaro

A product of the Neapolitan school, Mario Sciales creates bespoke garments for men who love style that will never go out of fashion. Among his masterpieces are Tailcoats and Morning suits, formal wear that nowadays very [...]

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