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Antonio Sala


Ars Neapolitana

Artistic Nativity Scenes Always the same yet always different since the 1700s, the nativity scene is a typical expression of the Neapolitan artistic culture. Among its current exponents is Guglielmo Muoio, the successor [...]

Arte Fabris

Ceramics: from customer ideas to prototypes up to serial products Afamily business with a strong focus on innovation, Arte Fabris has changed the concept of ceramic furnishing by training a staff of young profession [...]

Artigiano Piazza

Tell us the home of your dreams and we will create it! Do you long for a home that expresses your style and your feelings with class? Artigiano Piazza can make your dreams come true with furnishings able to satisfy all [...]

Artistic Mosaic di Roberto Cassio

Roberto Cassio, a high-level mosaicist, creates new mosaic compositions and restores mosaics dating back to all centuries. He carried out many conservation works in the most famous Capitoline churches and basilicas as we [...]

Autori Capresi

The lightness of true elegance is what epitomizes the style of this brand. 
Based on a passion for hand craftsmanship, in just a few years it has become a summer must-have, for the beach as well as for the city F [...]

Azienda Agricola e Agrituristica Buccia Nera

They used to call him Black Peel due to his tanned skin, the one of a true wine-maker: he was the grandfather of the three sisters who now lead the family business founded in the early '900 and then transformed into a bi [...]

Cattin Porcellane

The result of an experience that has been growing for decades and a tradition that has been there for centuries The secret of elegance is in the beauty, a universal value that human beings have always enhanced by mode [...]

Creazioni Morini

How a table becomes a casino T ruly amazing the production by Creazioni Morini, a small firm that for three generations has seen the eponymous family committed to creating masterpieces of craftsmanship with exclusive f [...]

Crivellari Divani | Poltrone

SOFT LEATHER SOFA The Crivellari sofas involve all the senses: beautiful to look at, soft to the touch, fluffy and modular ... They are produced from the "Soft Leather Sofa" concept of a company that chose to innov [...]

Cuomo's Lucky Store

In the realm of marquetry and ceramics Since 1856 Cuomoâ's Lucky Store, an endless treasure chest of authentic artisan gems, has been offering a rich and fascinating choice of refined creations, the result of traditi [...]

De Vecchi Milano 1935

The art of innovating silver through new shapes and original combinations S ynonymous with fine quality made in Italy products, the De Vecchi Milano 1935 brand has distinguished itself for eighty years now as a cre [...]

Emmeci Arnesi

Emmeci Arnesi Here, where the tradition of craftsmanship is combined with the most innovative trends of furniture, you will find at your disposal an experience growing for 50 years in the field of high quality joinery o [...]

Fabbro Zino LTA

News from Tradition Fabbro Zino is past, present and future at the same time. The Laboratory in Cortina d’Ampezzo, creates unique handmade pieces in various materials, all designed in the finest Italian style. In [...]

Friul Mosaic

It signs prestigious mosaics all over the world. It represents an ancient mosaic art for an innovative and exclusive design. [...]

Grando Marmi

Precious Stone Artefacts Since 1961, Grando specialized in the transformation of natural stone, as an innovative company with a solid handcrafted imprint. Today as yesterday, it works various precious materials with gr [...]

Janus Italia

Michele Fedrigoli Sales Manager IANUS · ITALIA is a small company established out of the creative passion of an Architect who also involved his sons, recently graduates of Economics and Marketing. In the operational hea [...]


The charm and mystery of a mask In films such as Eyes Wide Shut and Gambit, in the commercials of Vuitton and Jeep, in celebrated musicals and important theatre shows, next to famous actors and successful models, the m [...]

Leo Visconti

Leo Visconti creates exclusive material for luxury interior design: Venetian Crystal Gems. Each gem is handmade by the master glass-maker in pure Venetian crystal and Murano’s glass following the ancient Venetian trad [...]

Nardo Giovanni Terrazzi alla Veneziana

Venetian terrazzo, magical floor If you want to decorate your house with really unique and exclusive floors, witnesses of a craft tradition that in Venice has been producing for centuries masterpieces appreciated in I [...]

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