Art & Design

Antonio Sala


Architetto Alain Gosselin

  French exclusive interior designer Expert designer Thanks to his excellent mastery of features, sizes and materials, Alain Gosselin is constantly inspired by small but important details, and aims [...]

Architetto Fabio Valente

We meet Fabio Valente, affirmed architect with office in Rome, projected abroad Fabio Valente's studio not only deals with residential architectural, office and accommodation design, with concept for commercial ret [...]

Bonacina Vittorio Design



Ethnic furnishings Refined solutions in natural fibers for unique living spaces The trend of the moment? Home furnishing with mostly ethnic materials such as cane bamboo, which is ideal for lovers of interior design [...]

Bottega Gualverio Michelangeli


Domus Design Roma

Architects who make the difference Houses well furnished, refined and comfortable hotels, pubs and shops having an exclusive look ...They are the result of complex projects, designed to create exciting and engaging [...]

Le Voci di Dentro

Le Voci di Dentro In this original workshop, in an atmosphere suspended between reality 
and illusion, each work is “Your inner voice”… In the South of Italy, inside the pulsating womb of eclectic Naples [...]

Leo Visconti

Leo Visconti creates exclusive material for luxury interior design: Venetian Crystal Gems. Each gem is handmade by the master glass-maker in pure Venetian crystal and Murano’s glass following the ancient Venetian trad [...]

Mirandola Mobili in ogni stile

High quality and Italian Style Long experience, style and careful manufacturing have made the success of Mirandola Export in Italy and around the world The philosophy of Mirandola Export has respect f [...]

Nardo Giovanni Terrazzi alla Veneziana

Venetian terrazzo, magical floor If you want to decorate your house with really unique and exclusive floors, witnesses of a craft tradition that in Venice has been producing for centuries masterpieces appreciated in I [...]

Opinion Ciatti

Since the fifties, the Ciatti family has been running the company that bears its name, an enterprise that has evolved and is still evolving over three generations. In the mid-eighties, Ciatti a Tavola was created, a line [...]

Selezioni Domus Interior Design

Imagination linked to the art is boundless. The details that make the difference. The craftsmanship is the basis of our creations. We work in Florence, the cradle of handicrafts. All our collections can be tailored. Our [...]

Slow Wood

High quality Italian furniture Sow Wood is a company that brings together designers and craftsmen to develop high end furnishing projects. The designer’s creativity and craftsman dexterity: Gianni Cantarutti [...]

Studio Amatori Architettura | Design

BREATHING PALLADIO... EVERY DAY My design workshop transforms clients' dreams into architecture. We use our experience and love for beauty to create well proportioned and harmonic scenographic spaces, taking care of t [...]

Visentin Casa

For over sixty years Visentin Casa has been working with wood to make the dreams of every individual come true: a custom-made home of their own. First in 1953, the company Visentin Giuseppe began making artistic furnitur [...]