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17/07/2017 | 18/07/2017

The Spello “infiorate”

Lengthy preparation culminates in the spectacular “infiorate” flower festival extending across 1.5 km in which over 60 works of distinct artistic genius alternate, all made from flowers - of course! 

01/07/2017 | 01/07/2017

Vasco Rossi at Modena Park

Italy’s famous Vasco Rossi in concert at Modena Park. For the occasion the town of Rimini will also set up a Maxi Screen by the sea for a grand concert that just cannot be missed.

29/06/2017 | 26/07/2017

Pop and light entertainment for the summer

A summer of music at the Royal Palace of Caserta begins with the concert by Massimo Ranieri. The festival of song continues with Fiorella Mannoia. Pop, Jazz and other music shows alternate with each other for the entire [...]

28/06/2017 | 15/07/2017

Pistoia Blues Culture Capital of Italy

Pistoia offers a whole series of events in summer. Prominent among these is the thirty-fifth edition of the Pistoia Blues Festival with a programme that is ever more comprehensive and interesting. 

24/06/2017 | 28/06/2017

Tao Buk Taormina Book Festival

At Taormina quality comes in abundance from a mix of cultural and musical events, film screenings and literary debates.

20/06/2017 | 30/06/2017

National Artistic Roller Skating Gran Gala: The Night of the Champions

Italy’s top athletes take part in the National Artistic Roller Skating Gran Gala, true masters of artistic roller skating and paired dancing. 

20/06/2017 | 02/07/2017

Manet and Modern Paris

The exhibition includes around fifty of the French artist’s works. In addition, works by Cezanne, Degas, Boldini and Renoir can be admired.

20/06/2017 | 06/10/2017

Jogging in the Nature Park

Selva Gardena is the ideal place to go Jogging, along trails that wind their way through the Nature Park to reveal the kind of charm that only the mountains can provide.

27/05/2017 | 24/06/2017

Reali Sensi Stupinigi Hunting House "The Hearing"

Accompanied by the Sabaudia nobility, you can learn to dance Walzer and Quadriglia on an afternoon that you will definitely not forget.

21/05/2017 | 21/05/2017

Reali Sensi Govone Castle

The flowering of ancient roses, so loved by King Carlo Felice, can be admired with the guided tour of the castle, finally you can attend the musical concert to complete a day rich of pageantry, colors and music. 

11/05/2017 | 14/06/2017

Capone’s Burlesque Festival

Burlesque! The only name evokes beautiful girls who perform with loveliness and grace, the festival is an opportunity to admire and vote for the most gifted ballet dancers of these characteristic dances.     [...]

11/05/2017 | 31/08/2017

Free of charge visit from the Belvedere of Lombardy Region Skyscraper.

Up to the thirty-ninth floor to admire the whole city of Milan and if the day allows it, if the sky is clear, to admire the Alpine arch with its plain that catches the eye and charms the visitor. 

11/05/2017 | 09/07/2017

Kandinskij, the wandering knight

The exhibition is a tribute to the great Russian artist. In the journey through the works of Kandinsky, we find an explanation of the path that the artist makes starting from fantastic objects and through the experimenta [...]

11/05/2017 | 27/05/2017

The Voga Longa

The city of Venice with its canals and islands is praised with this festival organized by the Venetians who love their city and who, in this particular event, use all types of rowing boats dedicating all the attention an [...]

11/05/2017 | 25/06/2017

Far Echoes Festival 2017

This festival proposes ancient music included in the period from the Middle Ages to the late eighteenth century. The artists that live this beautiful experience have to perform the music tracks strictly with historical i [...]

11/05/2017 | 21/05/2017

Noto Floral Display

Speaking of flowers, what's more majestic than a city street with flower-lined pavement? Countless artists have the opportunity to create works with flowers taking inspiration from religious, mythological subjects, o [...]

20/03/2017 | 20/03/2017

Edoardo Bennato

Edoardo Bennato the troubadour par excellence who through his songs exalts the strength of the people and ridicules the arrogance of the powerful. Two hours in his company are just not to be missed! 

20/03/2017 | 20/03/2017


A new adventure from Carmen Consoli who to express her art at its best enlists the collaboration on stage of violinist Emilia Belfiore and the ‘cello of Claudia Della Gatta.

20/03/2017 | 20/03/2017

Loreena McKennitt

Just back from a successful tour of the USA and Canada, Italy welcomes back Loreena McKennitt, the undisputed queen of Celtic music on the world panorama.

15/03/2017 | 07/04/2017

Io Sono Danza (I am Dance)

Mestre sets the stage for dance companies from a variety of countries, for an extravaganza of entertainment, emotion and enjoyment.  

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