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1995 saw the launch of Pin-Up Stars, a genuine revolution in the beachwear sector. The brand, with its roots firmly set in the know-how of the Made in Italy artisan tradition, immediately established its identity through the use of new technologies and constant research into materials. Pin-Up Stars is all about constant innovation and research. Always colourful, light-hearted, fun-loving and obviously sexy, while staying true to the spirit of fashion and glamour, it re-invents itself all the time, always contemporary and within the context of Beachwear Couture. The result of research and innovation, the output is totally “Made in Italy”, manufactured on the principles of hand-crafted quality, created by an expert workforce and using top quality materials. Every collection sets itself apart with unique masterpieces, for every woman who loves to stand out from the crowd with elegance, spirit and personality.


American and instinctive designer Jerry Tommolini is the creator of the feats of embroidery, decoration and wearability which, together with pattern makers and craftspersons that assist him in each creative experimentation, make Pin-Up and Agogoa undisputable trendsetters. “I look around me and notice the trends, and then I do exactly the opposite” Jerry loves to say. The Poisson d'Amour brand, with its romantic and feminine spirit, is instead designed by the stylist Alessandra Clò, a long standing collaborator with Jerry Tommolini. This partnership continually generates unique creativity. Textile engineering structures create perfect triangles, so that every bra becomes a natural push up, accompanying and enhancing feminine curves by means of styling that has deconstructed the cups while maintaining all the characteristics of wearability. No more wires, just the firmness of the fabric assembled in such a way as to magnify the breast. The briefs have incisive, youthful cuts, sometimes anatomic but retaining all the sophistication of beach couture. As well as beachwear, Pin-Up Stars, Agogoa and Poisson d'Amour feature a range of non-beachwear, with the brands’ same DNA: provocative, sophisticated and bursting with personality, which covers 50% of the collections. The archetype textile of the brands is “dainetto”: a patented fabric, with an alchemic composition, able to give the effect of suede but more durability. Pin-Up Stars strikes again by renewing its collaboration with the very talented photographer Nima Benati to capture the essence of the PE15 collection in the new and imaginative advertising campaign. Overseas once more, together once more. The backdrop to the brand’s creations this time is New York, the city that through its metropolitan panoramas brings out the very essence of the PE 5 collection. The idea for this campaign full of contrast came about through a desire to spotlight the collection by depicting it worn by beautiful models against the most famous and recognisable landscapes of the city that never sleeps: Times Square, DUMB, the beaches of the Hamptons and, for a touch of patriotism, Little Italy. The beach couture of Pin-Up Stars designed by Jerry Tommolini and Alessandra Clò for the PE/15 collection expands the product range with new models that go beyond the kaftan and sandals combination to add more dynamic and expressive ideas: Bombers, shorts, suits and a series of denim items complete with jeans of varying lengths; unusual, alternative items that aim to set new standards in the beachwear look. Flowers and lace are the winning combination of the PE 15 collection. The themes of the new collection are the magical fairy tale atmospheres of “The Thousand and One Nights”. This is the central idea of a journey through uses and customs coupled with the warm colours of Morocco, with the nuances of amber and the magic of the red earth. The intense colours of the spices and the originality of the flowers were the inspiration for the exclusive patterns and models enhanced by the lightness of the fabrics. Pin-Up Pop Colourful, light-hearted, fun and, obviously sexy. Centre stage is commanded by the embroidery inspired by Pop Art and the universe of Andy Warhol with a profusion of figurative patterns and motifs, often repeated, embellished by hand-embroidered details and hand-applied sequins and pearls embedded all over. Pin-Up Pop is a line that is 100% Made in Italy with a well defined image that completes the already rich assortment of the Pin-Up Stars brand and which will continue throughout the year with a Pop and beachwear concept. The DNA of the collection is inspired by the pop culture with its injection of colour, imagination and the irreverent banana motif reinterpreted through the visionary gaze of the two stylists. Stylistic variety and innovation distinguish every collection that makes our brand a unique masterpiece for every woman who loves to stand out from the crowd with elegance and quality. The products have strong personality and the design is striking in every way. Lastly, the two stylists project the innovative style of the collection into the future through their continuous research. Acting as confirmation of the brand’s success, as well as the Designer outlet in St. Tropez, this year also sees the opening of two flagship retail ventures in Ibiza and Formentera to be joined over the next two years with launches in Miami and New York.