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24/06/2017 | 28/06/2017

Tao Buk Taormina Book Festival

At Taormina quality comes in abundance from a mix of cultural and musical events, film screenings and literary debates.

20/06/2017 | 30/06/2017

National Artistic Roller Skating Gran Gala: The Night of the Champions

Italy’s top athletes take part in the National Artistic Roller Skating Gran Gala, true masters of artistic roller skating and paired dancing.&nb [...]

20/06/2017 | 02/07/2017

Manet and Modern Paris

The exhibition includes around fifty of the French artist’s works. In addition, works by Cezanne, Degas, Boldini and Renoir can be admired.

11/05/2017 | 09/07/2017

Kandinskij, the wandering knight

The exhibition is a tribute to the great Russian artist. In the journey through the works of Kandinsky, we find an explanation of the path that the ar [...]

11/05/2017 | 31/08/2017

Free of charge visit from the Belvedere of Lombardy Region Skyscraper.

Up to the thirty-ninth floor to admire the whole city of Milan and if the day allows it, if the sky is clear, to admire the Alpine arch with its plain [...]

20/06/2017 | 06/10/2017

Jogging in the Nature Park

Selva Gardena is the ideal place to go Jogging, along trails that wind their way through the Nature Park to reveal the kind of charm that only the mou [...]

11/05/2017 | 29/12/2017

Legends and ghosts in Venice

Venice, the fascinating city on the water to be discovered with its legends, mysteries and anecdotes. The city of Venice visited in the evening accomp [...]

01/01/2015 | 31/12/2017

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